Admin Demo

This script based on WordPress so you will use regular WordPress admin dashboard. You can use your favorite WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO etc.

You can manage general settings at the plugin settings page.

general settings page
You can manage your API keys.
You can add advertising code to four different places.
You can monetize video downloads by shorten the download links.
Monetization settings page.
You can choose which parts do you want to show on your website. You can add your social media links.
You can enable/disable downloaders. Also, you can create a seperate page for each downloader.
You can create a unique page for each downloader.
You can use proxies to bypass IP blocks. Not available for all downloaders.
Proxy settings page.
You can use your website as REST API server. You can integrate video downloader with your other apps. You can limit API access by IP address.
You can see list of downloaded videos and downloaders’s IP addresses.
Latest downloads page.
You can check plugin’s system requirements.
You can translate strings or add new languages on admin dashboard.
You can create translated versions of pages.
You can customize your website’s look. You can add your logo, manage menus and more.